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Visual psychophysical measurements in head-fixed mice.
OM Arroyo Jr,  NW Oesch

Selected Publications
Vertically integrated photo junction-field-effect transistor pixels for retinal prosthesis

S Damle, Y Liu, S Arya, NW Oesch, and Y Lo
Biomedical Optics Express 11(1), 55-67

Vision is highly sensitive to oxygen availability in marine invertebrate larvae

LR McCormick, LA Levin, NW Oesch
Journal of Experimental Biology 222 (10), jeb200899

Synaptic inhibition tunes contrast computation in the retina

NW Oesch, JS Diamond
Visual neuroscience 36

In Vivo Photovoltaic Performance of a Silicon Nanowire Photodiode–Based Retinal Prosthesis

B Bosse, S Damle, A Akinin, Y Jing, D Bartsch, L Cheng, N Oesch, Y Lo, G Cauwenberghs, WR Freeman
The Journal of Neuroscience 34 (27), 8948-8962

Passive diffusion as a mechanism underlying ribbon synapse vesicle release and resupply

CW Graydon, J Zhang, NW Oesch, AA Sousa, RD Leapman, JS Diamond
The Journal of Neuroscience 34 (27), 8948-8962

Ribbon synapses compute temporal contrast and encode luminance in retinal rod bipolar cells

NW Oesch, JS Diamond
Nature neuroscience 14 (12), 1555-1561

Genetic targeting and physiological features of VGLUT3+ amacrine cells

WN Grimes, RP Seal, N Oesch, RH Edwards, JS Diamond
Visual neuroscience 28 (05), 381-392

Illuminating synapses and circuitry in the retina

NW Oesch, WW Kothmann, JS Diamond
Current opinion in neurobiology 21 (2), 238-244

Tetrodotoxin-resistant sodium channels contribute to directional responses in starburst amacrine cells

NW Oesch, WR Taylor
PLoS One 5 (8), e12447

Dendritic spikes amplify the synaptic signal to enhance detection of motion in a simulation of the direction-selective ganglion cell

MJ Schachter, N Oesch, RG Smith, WR Taylor
PLoS computational biology 6 (8), e1000899

A night vision neuron gets a day job

NW Oesch, JS Diamond
Nature neuroscience 12 (10), 1209-1211

Photoreceptor calcium channels: insight from night blindness

CW Morgans, PR Bayley, NW Oesch G Ren, L Akileswaran, WR Taylor
Visual neuroscience 22 (05), 561-568

Direction-selective dendritic action potentials in rabbit retina

N Oesch, T Euler, WR Taylor
Neuron 47 (5), 739-750